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About Me

We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.

— Nelson Mandela

I am Yohan Perera from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am a Follower of Christ and a Fan of All things Philosophy. I know God does exist, knows me personally, and has an amazing plan and purpose for my life. Life is the pilgrimage I have embarked on for discovering that plan and purpose.

I am passionate about blogging to make a difference through inspiration, education, and information. Behind every post, I craft for this blog is something I have experienced in the journey of life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Therefore, every word of mine that you read here is a message straight from my heart into yours.

I am not a professional writer myself. In fact, I am a nobody. Nevertheless, I keep on writing because I know one day I can bring change to my community, nation, and this world, making it a better place for the next generation if I don’t give up. After all, a mosquito is a tiny species but you can never sleep when there’s one in the bedroom.

I am a former pastor now working in a church in a management capacity. I am passionate about not just spirituality but social issues, productivity, and technology also. I love to read, write and share my knowledge. Whenever I am not working you can find me watching NatGeo, Discovery Channel, a Netflix series, listening to Guns N’ Roses, walking, or sleeping.

Special Thanks: I am forever in debt to the amazing individuals whose names I have mentioned below. This blog would have been born and died a dream if it wasn’t because of their help.

Mayur Roshen, and Saravana Dinesh my unpaid Photographers. Most of the images you see in this blog were photographed by them.

Sohan Dinesh the coding Wizard for helping with CSS for nothing in return. This blog would have appeared pretty awful had he not helped.

Last but not least Samali Perera for the encouraging words and the prayers all the way from Sydney, Australia.

I trust this blog will be an inspiration and a blessing to you and it will make a difference in your community and the world even as it makes a difference for you.