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  • The Dialog Home Broadband Outdoor Unit: Is it Worth the Cost?
    If you’re a Dialog Home Broadband Subscriber living in a rural area where the signal strength is weak, you might have heard about the Dialog Home Broadband Outdoor Unit. Its main purpose is to improve internet speed by increasing exposure to 4G signals emitting from the cell tower. This unit consists of two parts: an […]
  • SoundPEATS Capsule 3 Pro: The Hottest Earbuds in Town
    I won’t label this post as a review. Instead, I see it more as sharing an experience. So, let’s talk about the SoundPEATS Capsule 3 Pro Transparent ANC Wireless Earbuds with LDAC. I was introduced to them by my friend, Sohan Dinesh, who’s a tech enthusiast, and I bought my own and tested them for […]
  • Adios LastPass – Hola Bitwarden
    In 2004, PCMag introduced me to Password Managers, and my first experience was with RoboForm. However, a year or two later, I grew frustrated with the limitations of RoboForm’s free plan and switched to LastPass’s free version. Despite its initial imperfections, LastPass quickly gained momentum, and I was pleased with its performance, eventually upgrading to […]
  • Key Info on Paying Wards in State-Funded Hospitals in Sri Lanka
    While paying wards in state-funded hospitals might be unfamiliar to some, it’s not entirely new. This concept has been in practice at Colombo National and Sri Jayewardenepura Hospitals for quite some time, offering services at a much lower cost compared to private hospitals. Recently, in January, I spent a week in the paying ward at […]
  • Hero or Villain: The Enigmatic Lives of Three Sri Lankan Figures
    The saying “Every search for a hero must begin with something that every hero requires: A villain” is perhaps the quote that stands out the most in Mission Impossible 2. In simple terms, it suggests that a hero cannot exist without a villain. In Sri Lanka, two uprisings and a thirty-year-long war, along with all […]
  • Lessons from the Most Notorious Traitors in History
    Embarking on a riveting exploration of historical narratives, this journey delves into the captivating tales of three notorious traitors. We will uncover the unique contexts that molded their actions, leaving an indelible mark on the human narrative. First, we encounter Brutus, navigating the intricate landscape of noble motives within the political realm. Following his trail, […]
  • I stand with Israel! Here’s Why?
    The Arab World has opposed the existence of Israel since it was established on May 14th, 1948. Consequently, Israel has faced numerous attacks from terrorist groups associated with these opposing nations, long before the Hamas attack on the Jewish state on October 7th, 2023. Growing up, I witnessed the ongoing conflict and learned about its […]
  • My Must-Have MacBook Accessories
    The MacBook is a powerful device. You can use a MacBook Air for light tasks such as web browsing, emailing, blogging, and basic coding, or opt for a MacBook Pro if you need to do more power-hungry, resource-hogging work like video editing and 3D design. Apple’s laptops are versatile and can handle a wide range […]
  • My Most Nostalgic Soundtracks of All Time
    In the intricate tapestry of our lives, certain melodies hold a remarkable ability to stir emotions and rekindle cherished memories. These are the soundtracks that transcend time and space, weaving themselves into the fabric of our existence. Join me on a journey through the realm of nostalgia as I explore some of the most evocative […]
  • Should You Boycott Cargills Food City?
    On September 18th, 2023, a distressing video circulating on social media, showed the crew members of Cargills Food City in the Cotta Road, Borella, outlet assaulting a shoplifter who was also seen stripping herself. The video went viral, prompting public outrage and calls to boycott the supermarket chain. Apparently, the video originated from CCTV footage […]
  • A Trip Down the Memory Lane with Old Technology
    During my teenage years, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of technology and witnessing significant transformations in the digital landscape. These youthful escapades epitomized an era marked by rapid technological evolution, fundamentally altering how we engaged with the digital world. In those formative years, technology was a playground of possibilities, and […]
  • Unity in Times of Crisis: The Role of a True Sri Lankan
    My father once shared with me a story about an economic crisis that occurred in Sri Lanka during Sirimavo Bandaranayake’s time as Prime Minister in the 1970s. Although I wasn’t born then, I can envision how challenging life must have been for my parents and grandparents because we are currently facing a similar, if not […]
  • A Military Approach for a Secure Smart Home
    Sri Lanka Telecom in the late 90s introduced the worst metaphor I have ever heard when they referred to their Dial-Up Internet plans as “The Information Superhighway.” Dialog called their Internet plans “Your ticket to the Global Village.” Internet Service Providers use a variety of fancy terms to attract customers. They paint a beautiful picture […]
  • Read me before ordering or upgrading your Dialog TV Subscription
    According to Wikipedia, Dialog Axiata reached 1.7 million Dialog Television subscribers in 2018. While the company might claim this achievement is due to their excellent service, I believe it’s only partly true. I think this milestone was possible partly because Sri Lankans don’t have many other choices. Besides Dialog Television, the only other Pay TV […]
  • Remembering My All-Time Favorite TV Shows
    Television has a unique way of weaving itself into our lives, leaving a trail of memories, emotions, and unforgettable moments. As I stroll down memory lane, I reflect on TV shows that shaped my entertainment journey. These series aren’t just stories on a screen; they’re the companions that kept me company on countless nights, the […]
  • SLTMobitel reinvents the wheel with “Eazy Storage”
    Speaking of “Personal Cloud Storage” services while there are many around the globe with Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive leading from the front I don’t see anything wrong with Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) the Self-declared National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider and the leading broadband and backbone infrastructure services provider of Sri […]
  • 9 Cybersecurity Chronicles: Lessons Learned
    I would like to clarify that I am not a cybersecurity expert; my knowledge in this field merely scratches the surface. I identify as more of a cybersecurity enthusiast, conducting independent research to enhance online safety for my friends, family, colleagues, people following me on social media, people reading this blog (people like you), and […]
  • Unveiling Issues: LK Domain Registry’s Website
    The importance of the online customer portal provided by the LK Domain Registry cannot be overstated. Accessible via www.nic.lk, it plays a pivotal role for government agencies, semi-private and private establishments (e.g.: IMMIGRATION.GOV.LK, SLT.LK, COMBANK.LK), and other big or small businesses utilizing the “LK” Country Code Top Level Domain. However, it’s unfortunate the portal lacks […]
  • WhatsApp Best Practices
    On March 10th, 1876, a man accidentally spilled battery acid on his desk while conducting an experiment. In panic he called out to his assistant in another room, uttering the words, “Mr. Watson, come here. I need you.” (Despite planning to use Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be, that is the question!” for the […]
  • Beware of Online Loan Sharks in Sri Lanka
    In The Merchant of Venice, we meet Shylock who insists on the pound of flesh. In Desperate Housewives, we meet Donny who kills Mike Delfino. In Cinderella Man, we meet “The Numbers Guys” that James Braddock has to contend with. In real life, the BBC reports Kanadasaba Nadarajah. There’s one factor common to all of […]
  • Four reminiscences from my childhood that are no More.
    Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher from the city of Ephesus, once expressed the idea that the one thing that remains consistent in life is change itself. Our world is in a perpetual state of transformation, and many of us acknowledge the positive aspects of change. Change often brings about improvements. As an 80s kid, I […]
  • The Truth About Three Food Products with Conflicting Opinions
    The food we eat has a direct impact on our health. It can either help us live longer by boosting our immune system, enhancing blood circulation, and improving the overall functioning of our vital organs, or it can make us ill and shorten our lifespan. Following an unhealthy diet over time can lead to serious […]
  • Four foods believed to cause cancer but actually Don’t.
    The word “myth” has two meanings in the dictionary. The first meaning refers to a traditional story, often about the early history of a group of people or explaining something natural or social, usually involving supernatural events or beings. The second meaning is about a commonly held false belief or idea. In Sri Lanka, we […]
  • My favorite TV Shows and Films that foresaw the future of AI
    As a boy, I was captivated by movies and TV series like “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” (1968), “Knight Rider” (1982), “The Terminator (1984), “Team Knight Rider” (1997), “Viper.” (1994), and “Knight Rider II” (2008). These shows sparked my fascination with futuristic technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, as an adult in an age of […]
  • Three Myths about Religion
    The significant role religion plays in the lives of Sri Lankans and many other inhabitants of the Asian continent is the reason that convinced me to share this post. Religion is deeply interwoven into their lifestyle and community fabric, holding immense importance in shaping their values, beliefs, and daily practices. Hence, although I harbor no […]
  • 6 Smartphone Apps I Can’t Live Without
    Even though Celltel, the first cellular network in Sri Lanka, was established on June 18, 1989, it wasn’t until 1994 that we had our own cellular phone. That year, my father purchased a brand-new Motorola DynaTac 8000X. Due to its large size, about half the size of a brick, the Motorola DynaTac 8000X earned the […]
  • PayPal: The Delights, Frustrations, and Annoyances
    In the rare event you’ve never heard of PayPal before, allow me to introduce you to this payment platform that has stood the test of time. PayPal enables people to make online money transfers through its website and phone app, making it convenient for users to send and receive funds digitally. Established in 1998, PayPal […]
  • Buddhism, Sex Scandals & Lessons Learned
    The year 2023 has been a turbulent year for Sri Lanka as far as religious affairs are concerned. On January 5th the Social Media Activist Sepal Amarasinghe was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department over defaming the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and slandering Buddhism. On May 15th the president ordered the CID to […]
  • Farewell Dropbox. Hello Microsoft OneDrive!
    In the year 2012, I created my first Dropbox account. Despite the availability of Microsoft’s SkyDrive (now OneDrive) and the launch of Google Drive that same year, I chose to stick with Dropbox because I was impressed by its simplicity. However, by 2017, I found myself using both Dropbox and OneDrive. I started using Microsoft […]
  • Unveiling Sri Lanka’s Most Frustrating E-commerce Websites
    In today’s digital age, e-commerce has become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience and accessibility like never before. However, not all online shopping experiences are created equal, and some websites can leave us feeling more exasperated than satisfied. In this blog post, I delve into the realm of e-commerce in Sri Lanka, shedding […]
  • From Aisle to URL: Which Online Supermarket is best for You?
    In the digital age, online supermarkets have revolutionized the way we shop for groceries. With just a few clicks, we can order fresh produce, pantry staples, and even household items to be delivered right to our doorstep. But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which online supermarket is […]
  • The Security Shift: How macOS is Becoming a Target for Malware
    In recent years, the debate over which operating system is more secure, macOS or Microsoft Windows, has been a hot topic. While many people still believe that macOS is more secure than Microsoft Windows, this perception is changing rapidly. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind this perception, the current state of the […]
  • Package Delivery Smackdown: Comparing PickMe Flash, Uber Connect, and Pronto Lanka
    Back in the 80s and 90s, my father had limited options for shipping packages to someone in Colombo. He could either use the parcel post service provided by the Sri Lanka Postal Service, send it by Night Mail Train, or rely on a friend or family member travelling to Colombo. If the recipient was in […]
  • My Tour in New Delhi: A Lankan Chronicle
    Despite having a considerable distance to traverse before achieving a spot among the top ten global cities, New Delhi is undeniably a destination that beckons visitors with its charm and allure. I know that it’s true because, on September 24, 2018, I embarked on a journey of 1,288 miles to New Delhi with three of […]
  • Ground Rules for using Prescription Drugs or OTC Medicines
    My mother has been receiving treatments for diabetes and high blood pressure for the past 19 years. Her medication included Zaart 50 tablets a brand name for the drug Losartan Potassium 50mg. In rare cases, it can cause kidney damage or worsen pre-existing kidney problems, especially if it is taken in high doses or for […]
  • I’ve got a Problem with Koko!
    Before the arrival of Mintpay and Koko “Buy Now Pay Later” or interest-free easy payment schemes were available only to Credit Card holders and buyers with guarantors (as far as my knowledge permits). The aforesaid Fintech apps however allow consumers to pay in instalments using even a debit card. Apps like Koko by Daraz let […]
  • Energizer UB2607: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    At the beginning of this year, I shared my thoughts about JBL Tune 500BT Headphones which I use primarily for movies and video editing although it’s perfectly capable of handling phone calls. Due to its large size, however, I wanted something smaller to use with phone calls and Zoom meetings. I know, Apple AirPods is […]
  • Teachers’ Dress Code and the Rest of the Iceberg
    The talk of the town in Sri Lanka these days seems to be about the dress code of teachers. There are two camps. One believes a teacher should have the freedom to choose between the saree and more comfortable attire and another that argues teachers shouldn’t be given that choice on grounds of modesty, tradition, […]
  • SLT Fibre is not Safe. Here’s the Solution
    Did you know your “SLT Fibre” subscription could risk your privacy and data? A few days ago, I watched in dismay as an SLT technical team left my employer’s premises after installing an optical fibre connection without changing the default security settings. Yes! SLT Technicians have a wild west reputation for not securing new optical […]
  • Inspiration from a Social Engineering Attack
    A few days ago, a colleague of mine announced via WhatsApp status that his Instagram account was hacked. Upon talking to him I realized the account wasn’t hacked but the attacker had gained access to the account by tricking him into changing his sign-in email address into an email address to which only the attacker […]
  • Dealing with Your Inner (Emotional) Hurts
    Emotional pain can be defined as pain or hurt that originates from non-physical sources. Sometimes such inner hurts are caused by the people in our lives. While people are the source of the greatest joy in life, they can also be the greatest cause of inner hurts we face in life. People can hurt us, […]
  • 5 Ways to (Physically) care for Your Smart Devices
    The demand to be digitally connected is one of several “behavioral shifts” that have occurred among Sri Lankans as a result of COVID 19. This era has shown us smartphones and other smart devices are no longer a luxury but a need. Unfortunately, with the government classifying smartphones as non-essential items, the demand exceeded the […]
  • My Second Chance at Life and how I made it Count
    On May 1st, 2021, at 1:30 AM I felt a deep pain in my stomach. 24 hours later I saw a doctor because the pain wouldn’t go away. The Doctor after examining me detected a serious infection caused by a ruptured appendix. Loss of life was out of the question and I was taken to […]
  • Ground Rules for Shopping Groceries Online
    In my previous post “Ground Rules for Grocery Shopping” I promised to share my ground rules for grocery shopping online. This writeup is a follow-up post to that promise and today I want to share five ground rules you should stick to when shopping for groceries online. Unlike shopping for groceries in-person shopping for groceries […]
  • Ground Rules for Grocery Shopping
    Welcome to another episode of my series titled “Ground Rules”. It’s a series the content of which is based purely on my day-to-day experience in fool-proofing simple everyday tasks that affect our productivity. So far in this series, I have addressed Ground Rules for using PickMe and Uber, Ground Rules of Using Social Media for […]
  • The SLBFE Hack: More than just a Hack?
    The month of April has been a busy time for both cybercriminals and infosec professionals alike. In the 25 days, that went by, PayHere was hacked while #OpSriLanka knocked several government websites offline. The latest incident involves LulzSecSL (A local offshoot of LulzSec?) breaking into an online database maintained by the SLBFE or the Sri […]
  • #OpSriLanka is incredibly unwise and unhelpful: Here’s Why?
    Having seen several posts on Facebook & Twitter calling on “Anonymous” an amateur group of cyber criminals to save Sri Lanka, the question is are we prepared to face the consequences of such an intervention? Calling on international politically motivated cybercriminals to “help” will result in large-scale cyber-attacks on our digital infrastructure which will do […]
  • Beware of these 4 Myths about VPN
    When the war in Vietnam broke out, the US air force began bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a network of paths and trails the guerrilla fighters used for moving combatants and supplies between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. When the US airstrikes targeted these trails, the guerrillas began using underground tunnels to continue their […]
  • My Two Cents on the PayHere Hack
    In a post titled “The Worrying State of Cybersecurity in Sri Lanka” published by me last year; I emphasized that cybercriminals are targeting high-profile online assets owned and operated by the Sri Lankan government and business establishments with increasing effect. Today, one year and two months later PayHere a popular Internet Payment Gateway Service Provider […]
  • Thou Shalt not use SMS!
    On January 25th, 1915, Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized the way we communicate when he yelled, “Watson, please come here. I want you!” Fifty-six years later Ray Tomlinson made history when he sent the first email in the year 1971. The email said, “QWERTYUIOP”. Then on December 3rd, 1992, Neil Papworth from Vodafone Inc. introduced the […]
  • Final Memory Flashbacks: A Quantum of Solace?
    The 2004 science fiction film “The Final Cut” talks about an era in the future where people have microchips implanted in their heads recording everything they see. After they die, a professional known as “The Cutter” downloads the video that was captured throughout their lives and edits it into a pleasant narrative that the loved […]
  • 5 Questions for Choosing a Cloud Storage Service
    When the MP Hon. Ranjan Ramanayake was arrested with a collection of CDs containing private telephone conversations, a friend of mine commented Ranjan should have uploaded the recordings to a Cloud Storage Service instead of copying them to CDs. I do agree with him but is it as easy as it sounds? There are at […]
  • Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Bye G Suite Legacy Free Edition!
    Prior to December 6, 2012, Google allowed users around the world to sign up for the G Suite Legacy Free Edition, which was a freemium version of Google’s G Suite offering. I am one of those users who signed up. Sixteen years later in January 2022, Google announced that support for the G Suite legacy […]
  • I’m a Tough Guy! Are You?
    In the film “Big Game” the President of the United States (Samuel L. Jackson) while running for his life explains about looking tough to a 13-year-old boy he met in the woods. It’s a very interesting conversation. Jackson tells the little boy, “Sometimes you don’t have to be tough. You just have to look tough.” […]
  • My thoughts on #no​ගුටි (#nospanking)
    In the event, you are not aware, #noගුටි (#noguti: translates to #nospanking) is a national campaign launched by the Stop Child Cruelty Trust with the Child Protection Alliance of Sri Lanka to promote the ban of Corporal punishment in schools. The campaign was officially launched on February 21, 2022, at the Goethe Institute in Colombo. […]
  • JBL Tune 500BT: 2+ Years Later
    A part of my daytime job requires editing videos. I edit at least two videos per week. I am not a professional editor, but I help the in-house production team with basic edits because editing those videos require a sound knowledge of theology and a pastoral perspective, although I don’t know the head or tail […]
  • Rules of Thumb for Thumb Drives and Flash Drives
    Thumb Drives and Flash Drives certainly revolutionized the way we store and transfer information between computers. It was from an article in a Technology Magazine that I read about them for the first time about 21 years ago. Back then these bad boys were 6 inches in length and were dubbed “Pen Drives” because they […]
  • The KNDU Bill and the Boy who cried, Tiger!
    I am passing by the Open University of Sri Lanka on my way to work and I cannot help but notice a banner displayed inside the campus premises facing the Nawala road. The banner says, something to the effect of “රාජ්‍ය විශ්ව විද්යාල පද්ධති​ය දිය කර හරින කොතලාවල පනත හකුලා ගනු” (Roll back the KNDU […]
  • How to choose a Reliable Power Strip or an Extension Cord?
    Power Strips and Electric Extension Cords are essential electric items found in every home and office today. I use five power strips in my room, and two others at work. Although we take these items for granted very often, it’s impossible even to imagine a life without them. They make life easier but unfortunately, they […]
  • Protect Your Children from Sexual Abuse and Molestation
    As accusations of child abuse emerge with alarming regularity across the country, Sri Lanka is experiencing a nationwide crisis of child abuse. Over 2,500 incidences of child abuse were reported to the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) in the first 60 days of 2020, while 5,242 cases were reported by July 2020. On average, its […]
  • How to Talk to Your Children about Sex in Sri Lanka?
    In Sri Lanka, sex is considered taboo. Mainly because our definition of sex is narrow and limited to sexual intercourse. I remember a friend asking our Christianity teacher (who was explaining the ten commandments) the meaning of the sixth commandment: “Thou shall not commit adultery.” She managed to slip away with a vague answer, but […]
  • What’s so bad about Living Together?
    I have been pondering the best approach to this post for some time when I came across this video on Coach Sandaru Hettiarachchi’s YouTube channel. In her video, she kind of justifies the trend of unwedded couples “Living Together” or “Cohabitation” culturally and sexually, citing how our ancestors used to cohabit before the concept of […]
  • How to Defend Yourself against Revenge Porn?
    Revenge porn is a criminal offense that entails disclosing a person’s private sexual photographs or films without their consent to distress them. Blackmail is frequently used as a precursor to revenge porn (where the perpetrator threatens to release private sexual footage unless their demands are met). Revenge porn can be communicated in a variety of […]
  • Nostalgia: Remembering Mark Rathnayake
    I met Mark fourteen years ago while serving at a church in Colombo. I was an Assistant Pastor with the Assemblies of God of Ceylon, and he was a Lieutenant Commander in the Sri Lanka Navy. What has a preacher got in common with a soldier? Nothing maybe but he considered me his friend, mentor, […]
  • Three Ways to Respond to an Atheist
    According to Wikipedia, roughly 450 to 500 million atheists form 7% of the global population. 76% of them reside in Asia and the Pacific. With 90% of its population made up of atheists China is home to the largest atheist community in the world. In light of these numbers have you ever thought about what […]
  • My thoughts on Yohani and මැණිකේ මගේ හිතේ
    The year 2021 is known for two landmark events in the Sri Lankan entertainment industry. The number one event was the departure of Sunil Perera, the nation’s larger-than-life music legend. The second event was Yohani Diloka De Silva’s ascend to the international platform with the song මැණිකේ මගේ හිතේ (translates to “babe in my mind”) […]
  • 5 Smarter Ways to Use Your Smartphone
    Although smartphones are supposed to make us more productive whether they make us more counterproductive or not is dependent on our usage of the devices. These devices have been around for almost 30 years now. Nevertheless, most of us still use them the way we would use a feature phone or dumb phone. That makes […]
  • I love the Logitech M185! Here’s Why?
    At the beginning of the year 2021, I shared with you my tips for working smart. Today I want to introduce you to a tool that I believe will help you to work even smarter. It’s the M185 Mouse by Logitech. I met the Logitech M185 back in December 2010 while shopping for an ultra-portable […]
  • A Beautiful Mind: My Tribute to Sunil Perera
    I loved listening to songs since I was a pre-school kid. Not nursery songs, I didn’t like them at all, but I liked songs enjoyed by grownups. Songs such as දෑස පියා ගත් කල (When I close my eyes…) and දේවතාවන් සිතන දේවල් (Things the gods think…) from the teledrama සුසීමා (Suseema: a women’s name […]
  • The 4 Ds of Racism
    Jacinda Ardern’s statement after the terror attack on September 3rd was indeed a slap across the face of racism. The Prime Minister said, “What happened today was despicable. It was hateful. It was wrong. It was carried out by an individual – not a faith, not a culture, not an ethnicity – but an individual […]
  • The Attributes of a Pseudo Atheist
    The dictionary defines a pseudo-atheist as someone who claims not to believe in God but believes in Him unconsciously. In the context of this post, however, I would like to give the term an altogether different definition. A pseudo-atheist is an individual that pretends to be an atheist because he thinks atheism is a fashion […]
  • The Unseen Rewards of Helping Others
    Someone said “One of the most beautiful things we can do is to help one another. Kindness doesn’t cost anything.” Well, I disagree, wholeheartedly! Help is not free because it has a price. Although it’s free for the person on the receiving end it’s not so for the person on the offering end. Consider calling […]
  • 6 Other Safeguards against COVID 19
    It’s been two years and nine months since COVID-19 dawned upon us. At the time of this writing, the death toll in Sri Lanka rests at 9,185 while 440,302 new patients have been discovered and 374,156 patients have recovered. Globally these numbers rest at 218,560,832 deaths, 4,534,054 new patients and 195,396,563 recovered patients. Virologists have […]
  • Farewell Windows. Hello macOS
    On the 19th of this month, I bought my brand-new 13” MacBook Air powered by Apple’s flagship M1 chip. I have never owned an Apple device before so this happens to be my first time. Today I would like to share with you a few facts I like and don’t like about it in comparison […]
  • Reflections: In Loving Memory of My Father
    Even as I celebrate my father’s life on his one-year death anniversary, I’d like to share with you three thoughts that came to me as I reflected on his life and death over the past eleven months. These are being shared for two reasons. First and foremost, they serve as a reminder of God’s goodness. […]
  • Honour Your Parents: Why and How?
    On October 13, 2015, the police rescued a father aged 73 who had been imprisoned in a dog cage by his daughter. According to that report, the woman’s dogs slept on a bed inside the house [source: Daily News]. In Sri Lankan culture, treating our parents with love and care is a core principle and […]
  • Five Signs of an Uneducated Heart
    Socrates said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” It means education that doesn’t bring behavioural change is useless. Socrates believed an individual’s behaviour was driven by his heart. Therefore, according to Socratic philosophy, an uneducated heart is as bad as no education at all. Sri Lanka’s population had an […]
  • Don’t Fall Prey to Online Sexploitation
    The day I read “Porn and Nudes: Delving into Cyber Exploitation in Sri Lanka” by Ms Piyumi Fonseka, on Daily Mirror Online was the day I got the shock of a lifetime! I know revenge porn and home-brewed pornography have been around since the inception of the internet in Sri Lanka. However, I didn’t know […]
  • Four Mistakes that could Undermine Your Privacy
    Since announcing its latest privacy policy for WhatsApp at the beginning of 2021, Facebook saw a mass exodus of privacy-concerned users. Users who were worried turned to Signal or Telegram. However, it begs the question of whether your privacy has been preserved just because you have stopped using WhatsApp. I hate to break it to […]
  • Ground Rules for Online Banking and Shopping
    Even though online banking and grocery shopping have existed in Sri Lanka for many years, the majority of Sri Lankans preferred doing these things offline. That was before COVID-19 gave them a limited array of options. According to a study conducted by “Survey Research Lanka” with 580 samples collected from the nine provinces, 47% of […]
  • Microsoft loves Linux: Three Lessons to Live By
    While Microsoft’s love affair with Linux isn’t new, Sathya Nadella most likely made a candid revelation for the first time when he said “Microsoft loves Linux” at a media event in 2014. If you’re not familiar with Linux, it’s a computer operating system much better than the Windows family of Server Operating Systems. Linux has […]
  • Working Smart: 3 Unconventional Tips
    Although the concept of working smarter not harder has been around for a very long time it was Allen F. Morgenstern an industrial engineer who coined the term “work harder not smarter” back in the year 1930. Today you can find billions of books and blog posts dedicated to the topic. Searching the phrase “work […]
  • Contemplating Suicide? Contemplate Again!
    Suicide is a nationwide problem our island nation is faced with today. According to an official report produced by the Sri Lanka Police in the year 2020, a staggering number of 3,074 individuals committed suicide in that year alone. Out of that number, 2,484 were male while 590 were female. 86 were children between the […]
  • I Love to Give Gifts: Here’s what I give the Most
    Call me weird or even foolish, but I enjoy giving gifts. Not just for birthdays or Christmas holidays but all around the year. I feel a sense of great joy when someone smiles because of a gift I gave them. It is an experience that money can never buy. Not that I don’t like to […]
  • My Ground Rules for Ordering through PickMe Food and UberEats
    In an earlier post titled “Ground Rules for using PickMe and Uber” I shared eight ground rules for using the two most popular taxi-hailing services in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Today I want to share with you my ground rules for ordering through their Food Delivery counterparts PickMe Food and UberEats. These ground rules are based […]
  • My One Wrong Email to 85 Wrong Recipients!
    Miley Cyrus, best known by her stage name Hanna Montana, sang in 2008 “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days…” That song is known as “Nobody’s Perfect” and is still a hit after thirteen years. Today in the spirit of making mistakes, I want to share with you a few life-transforming lessons I’ve learned from […]
  • How to keep conflicts at work to a Minimum?
    In my previous post titled “Do You Fall Asleep at Work? Me Too!” I discussed five strategies I used to overcome my proclivity for dozing off at work. Today, I’d like to share with you a few tips for minimizing workplace conflicts. While we cannot prevent conflicts altogether, there are things we can do to […]
  • Ground Rules of Using Social Media for Sri Lankans
    I have had the privilege of managing social media for a leading Christian church in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for the past four years. During this time, I was able to observe how people, particularly Sri Lankans, use social media on my own. Those observations inspired the following principles that I call ground rules for using […]
  • Do You Fall Asleep at Work? Me Too!
    I firmly believe adequate sleep is essential for a disciplined lifestyle. A disciplined lifestyle helps to win at work and succeed in life. Excessive sleep however is a curse especially if you fall asleep at work. It’s humiliating, counterproductive, and could derail your career. Trust me. I know because I used to fall asleep across […]
  • Ground Rules for using PickMe and Uber
    The introduction of transport Apps has made life easier for all of us. They are convenient and budget-friendly. Much more efficient than random “tuks”. At the moment PickMe and Uber are the most popular taxi-hailing apps in Sri Lanka. (Unlike Uber which operates only in Colombo and its suburbs, PickMe operates in Negombo, Pilliyandala, and […]
  • Thinking of an Affair? Think Again!
    On March 01st, 2021 the Sri Lanka Police found unattended luggage in the streets of Colombo. Inside, they found a headless female body. In a similar incident on 30th July 2015, they found another female body in luggage left behind in the street. Besides having been murdered both victims shared another common factor. They both […]
  • Oppo A12: What I Like, Dislike and Miss
    In my previous post titled “Dialog: What I like, Dislike and Hate” I wrote about my love and hate relationship with Dialog Axiata. Today I want to tell you what I feel about my new Oppo A12. There was a time I used to say ‘appo!’ (a Sri Lankan expression of hopelessness) every time anyone […]
  • The Ravi Zacharias Scandal: Spotting Deceptive Leadership in Church
    Although the evangelical community prefers to think the late Ravi Zacharias sexual and financial scandal is an isolated incident it’s not so. It exposes a trend prevalent across the evangelical church today. The tragic revelation indicates that Christian Leaders are perfectly capable of manipulating their recognition and charisma to conceal their darkest and dirtiest secrets. […]
  • 3 Myths about Pornography I wish were True
    In my previous blog post, “Social Media is the New Face of Porn” I shared how pornographers leverage Social Media as a carrier for pornography. In today’s blog post I am sharing three myths about pornography that pornographers use as grounds to rationalize their work. These are primarily based on my observations from an interview […]
  • The worrying state of Cybersecurity in Sri Lanka
    On February 6th, 2021 many users’ traffic to GOOGLE.LK and a few other websites under the LK Domain Registry redirected to a propaganda page in what seemed to be the work of hacktivists. The page drew attention to several contemporary national issues. Although the media reported the websites themselves have been hacked, the hackers had […]
  • I’m sticking with WhatsApp: Here’s Why?
    Signal and Telegram have become the world’s hottest apps over the last week, because of the growing anxiety over privacy concerns emerging from Facebook’s updates to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. This move by the Social Media Giant caused a mass exodus as millions of alarmed WhatsApp users switched to Signal and Telegram. [Users in Europe are […]
  • Dialog: What I Like, Dislike and Hate
    I began using Dialog Products for the first time in 2012 when I subscribed to a Dialog TV Pearl Plan. I subscribed to two additional plans later that year. In a short time, I switched from Mobitel to Dialog for voice and data as well. Altogether at the time of this writing, I have three […]
  • Social Media is the New Face of Porn
    Someone said he had to work hard to find porn when he was a kid, but kids today have to work hard to stop porn from finding them. Today I want to share how Pornographers push pornography and nudity through Social Media by overrunning Facebook and Instagram with porn and other sexually charged images or […]
  • What’s so bad about Street Harassment?
    I bent over to tie my shoe. When I stood back up, a guy shouted, “Really liked it better when you were bent over, sweetheart!” I was 14. (Anonymous Victim of Street Harassment). Here’s a statement by just one of the countless women who face harassment in the streets at the hands of men like […]
  • My father was a nobody. But…
    In my previous post titled “Don’t Waste Your Lonely Christmas,” I shared four things I did to transform a lonely Christmas into a memorable experience. Today I want to share a few memories about my beloved father, who is no longer with me. “What’s so special about your father?” You may ask. Well, my father […]
  • Scam alert: Microsoft Office 365 Lifetime Subscription
    I admit that my user experience with macOS and the MacBook Air is far superior compared to Windows as well as Toshiba, HP, and Dell. However, if there’s one software application that I cannot replace, that would be the Microsoft Office Suite. The UI and UX in Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are light years […]
  • Scam Alert: Grammarly Premium Lifetime Subscription
    In “Microsoft Office 365 Lifetime Subscription?” I warned against paying for the so-called Microsoft Office 365 lifetime subscriptions. Today I want to warn you of another scam. In this particular scam, scammers sell login details for hacked Grammarly Premium Accounts. After much research about this issue, I have decided to reveal my findings to the […]
  • Don’t Waste Your Lonely Christmas
    I work in a leading Christian Church in the metropolitan city of Colombo. Essentially it means I seldom have time for spending Christmas eve with my family who lives in Nuwara Eliya a 5-8-hour drive from the city of Colombo. It didn’t bother me much back then because I had my lovely wife by my […]
  • Thinking of an Abortion? Think Again!
    In parts of the world where abortion is illegal, botched abortions cause about 8 to 11 percent of all maternal deaths, or about 30,000 each year. [Source: The Atlantic] Consequently, Health Care Professionals, Women’s Rights Activists, and Politicians are campaigning for the decriminalization of abortion and expansion of the circumstances in which a woman can […]
  • Pandora’s Box: Legalizing Prostitution
    Modern media prefers the term “sex-worker” instead of “prostitute” when referring to women who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual intercourse because it feels the former is more polite and respectful. At the same time, the latter, on the other hand, is rude and disrespectful. May I remind you, however, there’s nothing honourable […]
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  • About Me

    We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.

    — Nelson Mandela

    I am Yohan Perera from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am a Follower of Christ and a Fan of All things Philosophy. I know God does exist, knows me personally, and has an amazing plan and purpose for my life. Life is the pilgrimage I have embarked on for discovering that plan and purpose.

    I am passionate about blogging to make a difference through inspiration, education, and information. Behind every post, I craft for this blog is something I have experienced in the journey of life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Therefore, every word of mine that you read here is a message straight from my heart into yours.

    I am not a professional writer myself. In fact, I am a nobody. Nevertheless, I keep on writing because I know one day I can bring change to my community, nation, and this world, making it a better place for the next generation if I don’t give up. After all, a mosquito is a tiny species but you can never sleep when there’s one in the bedroom.

    I am a former pastor now working in a church in a management capacity. I am passionate about not just spirituality but social issues, productivity, and technology also. I love to read, write and share my knowledge. Whenever I am not working you can find me watching NatGeo, Discovery Channel, a Netflix series, listening to Guns N’ Roses, walking, or sleeping.

    Special Thanks: I am forever in debt to the amazing individuals whose names I have mentioned below. This blog would have been born and died a dream if it wasn’t because of their help.

    Mayur Roshen, and Saravana Dinesh my unpaid Photographers. Most of the images you see in this blog were photographed by them.

    Sohan Dinesh the coding Wizard for helping with CSS for nothing in return. This blog would have appeared pretty awful had he not helped.

    Last but not least Samali Perera for the encouraging words and the prayers all the way from Sydney, Australia.

    I trust this blog will be an inspiration and a blessing to you and it will make a difference in your community and the world even as it makes a difference for you.

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    WordPress Training

    This is an online course conducted via Zoom. The course covers domain names & hosting, setting up WordPress, SEO & Performance as well as, security and maintenance. Additionally, you will learn technologies such as cPanel, MySQL, CloudFlare, SSL, and FTP also. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of training.

    WordPress Services

    • Theme Design and Customization: I will design your WordPress-driven website or blog from scratch or template depending on your preference.
    • WordPress Plugin Development: I will develop your customized WordPress Plugins with security and performance in mind.
    • Maintenance and Tech Support: I will keep your WordPress-driven website in tiptop shape through maintenance and tech support for a fixed monthly rate.
    • Content Update and Copy Writing: I will write copy for your website or blog and keep it fresh for a fixed monthly rate. I am fluent in both Sinhala and English. Tamil copywriting services can be arranged upon request.

    Translation Services

    I offer translation services in English and Sinhala. Tamil translation services can be arranged upon request. I can translate documents related to, technology, biology, and theology.