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My Must-Have MacBook Accessories

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The MacBook is a powerful device. You can use a MacBook Air for light tasks such as web browsing, emailing, blogging, and basic coding, or opt for a MacBook Pro if you need to do more power-hungry, resource-hogging work like video editing and 3D design. Apple’s laptops are versatile and can handle a wide range of activities. However, taking good care of them is important because repairs can be costly, especially if you don’t have an active AppleCare+ Plan. Another issue to consider is the lack of certain ports on newer MacBook models. As early as 2016, Apple removed the HDMI Port, the SD Card Slot, and the standard USB A Port. They’re the reasons why I published this post. Today I want to share with you three essential MacBook accessories that I can’t live without. I will introduce two accessories that help protect my device from physical damage and another one that enhances my productivity when using my device.

WiWU iKavlar Protective Case

In stark contrast to many laptop enclosures constructed from conventional plastic materials, the vast majority of MacBook enclosures are meticulously crafted from recycled aluminum, a choice that not only enhances their durability but also grants them a distinct and captivating aesthetic appeal. Nonetheless, this laudable approach is not without its minor drawback, as the glossy finish of these aluminum MacBook enclosures can render them somewhat slippery to the touch and prone to scratches. That is why a dependable protective case is the first accessory I cannot live without.

WiWU iKavlar Protective Case,WiWU MacBook Power Adapter Case,Anker Type C 4-in-1 USB Hub,Apple MacBook Air,Accessories

My initial preference was the WiWU ISHIELD Hard Shell Ultra-Thin Case. It features a slightly rugged, semi-transparent surface made of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, known for its flexibility and shock-absorbing qualities, as per Google Bard. Unfortunately, my second choice, the WiWU Crystal Hard Shell Case, was far from ideal. It easily got scratched, attracted fingerprints, and barely lasted two months. Conversely, the WiWU iKavlar Protective Case, constructed from synthetic fiber, has proven to be the top performer in my experience, and I highly recommend it. If you’re in the market for a transparent option, consider the WiWU iKavlar Crystal Shield.

MacBook Power Adapter Case

It’s another useful accessory by WiWU a manufacturer based in China. The WiWU MacBook Power Adapter Case is a versatile and practical accessory designed to enhance the portability and protection of your MacBook’s power adapter. Crafted with precision, this case features a robust yet lightweight construction, ensuring the safety of your adapter from everyday wear and tear. Its thoughtfully designed interior compartments provide a snug fit for the adapter, keeping it securely in place and preventing any damage during transport.

WiWU iKavlar Protective Case,WiWU MacBook Power Adapter Case,Anker Type C 4-in-1 USB Hub,Apple MacBook Air,Accessories

Moreover, the case’s exterior showcases a sleek and stylish design, imparting a sense of sophistication to your collection of tech accessories. The WiWU MacBook Power Adapter Case offers a practical solution for keeping your vital charging accessory neatly organized and well-protected, proving itself as an essential addition for MacBook users who are frequently on the move. It is made of EVA material (short for ethylene-vinyl acetate) which is a type of foam that is known for its shock absorption and durability making it ideal for protecting my MacBook Air power adapter.

Anker Type C 4-in-1 USB Hub

Last but not least, the Anker 4-in-1 USB C Hub is the next accessory I can’t live without. After all my 2020 M1 MacBook Air only has two USB C ports, and I often need to use many Flash Drives and portable hard drives that use type A USB data cables. While the WiWU iKavlar Protective Case and the Power Adapter Case are focused on safeguarding my MacBook Air, the Anker Type C 4-in-1 USB Hub is all about enhancing convenience and productivity. In my personal opinion, it stands out as the most cost-effective and efficient tool for the job. This hub comes equipped with a Power Delivery Port, an HDMI Port, a type A USB Port, and a type C USB Port.

WiWU iKavlar Protective Case,WiWU MacBook Power Adapter Case,Anker Type C 4-in-1 USB Hub,Apple MacBook Air,Accessories

While this tool is sufficient for executing my day-to-day tasks at home and the office, if you need a Type C hub with more features, I highly recommend the Anker PowerExpand 8-in-1 USB-C Hub. It offers Dual 4K HDMI Ports, a 100W Power Delivery Port, a 1 Gbps Ethernet Port, 2 USB 3.0 Data Ports, as well as an SD and a microSD Card Reader. You can find various other brands in Sri Lanka, but please be cautious not to fall for cheap, counterfeit items. Counterfeit Type C hubs, often available online at a fraction of the price, can cause short circuits and permanently damage the logic board of your MacBook.

Wrap Up

The accessories I mentioned earlier come with a significant price tag, which might make you wonder if they’re worth the expense. However, it’s important to consider that the MacBook itself is a costly device that demands careful handling. Even though my MacBook Air is protected by Apple Care+ Extended Warranty, there’s a catch—I’m in Sri Lanka, and there are no Apple Stores here. So, if my laptop needs fixing, I have to ship it to Singapore and foot the bill for handling fees. Hence the WiWU iKavlar Protective Case and the WiWU MacBook Power Adapter Case are crucial for protecting my investment. Even the Anker Type C 4-in-1 USB Hub is an essential accessory, rather than a luxury. The investment in these accessories not only ensures the protection of my MacBook but also provides peace of mind, knowing that I’ve taken proactive measures to safeguard a device integral to both work and personal life.

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