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I Love to Give Gifts: Here’s what I give the Most

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Call me weird or even foolish, but I enjoy giving gifts. Not just for birthdays or Christmas holidays but all around the year. I feel a sense of great joy when someone smiles because of a gift I gave them. It is an experience that money can never buy. Not that I don’t like to receive gifts, but I enjoy giving them a lot more. Let’s face it, however, giving gifts is a difficult task for most of us. Not because we can’t afford them; but rather, because we don’t know what to give. It’s the reason why we settle for gift vouchers most of the time. Gift vouchers aren’t bad but lack the warmth of a handpicked gift enclosed in eye candy wrapping paper and ribbon. That is why I spent hours curating the list of the best gift ideas you see below. In it, are six gifts I can give anyone without contradicting their personality and preferences. Today I am sharing that list with you!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post neither it endorses the sellers mentioned below. The vendor details are for your information and convenience only.

Best Gift Ideas #1: A Box of Ferrero Rocher

This is at the top of my list because when you aren’t sure what to give, a box of chocolate is a far better gift than a voucher. When it comes to chocolate, Ferrero Rocher is my favourite to give as a gift. Otherwise, Toblerone (white chocolate) if I want something less formal. Ferrero Rocher comes in three different sizes. 62.5g at 595/- 200g at 1,800/- and 300g at 2,750/- It’s expensive but still a decent gift. Some gifts however can send the wrong message and you need to be careful. Especially if you are giving chocolate as a gift. I once gave a box of Ferrero Rocher (300g) to my former superior Nimendra James when we travelled in India and I didn’t bother to explain anything because we know each other very well. Sometime later I gifted a 200g box to a female colleague as a farewell gift but this time I was careful to include a thank you card signed by everyone else in the team just so it wouldn’t look awkward.

A box of Ferrero Rocher or a stick of Toblerone is a far better gift than a voucher [Photo by Mayur Roshen at SR Photography]

Best Gift Ideas #2: A Book Interesting to Read

While reading isn’t as popular as it once was, good books aren’t hard to come by these days. Aside from that, I do have a few friends who love reading and the scent of the woodsy pulp books are made of, as well as all the chemicals that old books emit as they age. The image below is a photograph of Priyanka Chopra’s memoir “Unfinished” (Hardcover) which, when put inside a gift box by Basketeer, made a wonderful birthday gift for a friend of mine who likes reading. You can order this book or many other non-fiction titles from Jump Books and they will deliver your purchase for free.

Unfinished – A Memoir by Priyanka Chopra Jonas [Photo by Mayur Roshen at SR Photography]

Best Gift Ideas #3: A Succulent or a Cactus Plant

This might sound weird but plants make good gifts too because they are pretty unusual gifts. Especially if they require less water and take up less space. Plants like succulents and cactus. Pair it with a funny quote like “If You were a Cactus, I’d endure all the pain just to hug You” and you have the perfect birthday gift. The cactus plant shown below was purchased as a farewell gift for a friend, and she loved it. I usually buy my plants at Diyatha Uyana’s plant sale (the sale is on every weekend). If you want to buy online, try Fyto. They deliver worldwide.

Plants are excellent gifts too because they are pretty unusual gifts [Photo by Dinesh Saravana at Photography by Dinesh]

Best Gift Ideas #4: Something with Practical Value

The next best option is to give something with practical value to the recipient. Especially if he or she is a workaholic. For example, I know one of my colleagues has to work from home until late. Therefore, I gifted her a Desk Lamp (pictured below) when she invited me and the team for lunch. It’s rechargeable, not too big, nor too small, boasts of a modern design and is not hideous. She told me later she was looking forward to buying a desk lamp and she loves what I gave her – (A Moon Lamp would have been even better but I had bought this desk lamp already). It’s available at Arpico Supercentre in Kohuwala if you are interested or you can order online at Daraz. Over time, I have gifted items like computer peripherals, stationery items, etc. The idea is to give something useful or with practical value.

A desk lamp is a perfect gift for any Workaholic

Best Gift Ideas #5: A Scented Candle in a Gift Box

This can seem to be too cheap or easy, but if the recipient has a simple taste and loves inspiration, less is more. Last year, I gave one to a friend as a birthday gift. I made sure to include a note stating I hand-picked the scented candle in appreciation of her selfless personality, which she loved. You can order it online from Basketeer the seller I mentioned before. Did I tell you they’ll even include a greeting card with your personalized message before sending it to the recipient? (There may be a small delivery fee depending on the delivery location, but this gift is worth every penny).

A scented candle is a brilliant gift if the recipient has a simple taste and loves Inspiration

Best Gift Ideas #6: Tea Leaves or Home-Made Jam

I buy these for my closest friends every time I return from a trip to my hometown in the hill country. You can buy tea leaves or Jam from any supermarket in Colombo. However, the Tea Leaves I am talking about are much more expensive to buy in Colombo and difficult to find also. Hence, they make a luxurious gift. Unfortunately, my late father used to buy them for me and I do not know where to find them anymore. Not that Jam cannot be purchased from supermarkets in Colombo, but I’m referring to the homemade variety. I purchase them from the “The Franciscan Sisters – Sisters of Charity” a convent whose outlet is located in Nuwara Eliya town. They make all the products from fresh produce that they grow in their backyard.

I buy these for my closest friends every time I visit my hometown in the hill country

Wrap Up

When I was contemplating the final thoughts for this blog post, the following conviction crossed my mind: The word “gift” derives from “gipt” an old Norwegian term meaning “that which is given” – The English dictionary defines the verb “giving” as “freely transferring the possession of (something) to (someone)” – It suggests a gift is not a gift unless it’s given freely. In this context, I believe “freely” refers to a two-fold attitude of the heart. First, freely means to give without worrying about the cost. Secondly, freely means to give without expecting anything in return. A gift is not a gift if either one of these attitudes is missing. Therefore if you want to give a gift either give it wholeheartedly or don’t give at all.

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