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A black and crimson-colored Logitech M185 Mouse on top of a MacBook Air Device.

I love the Logitech M185! Here’s Why?

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At the beginning of the year 2021, I shared with you my tips for working smart. Today I want to introduce you to a tool that I believe will help you to work even smarter. It’s the M185 Mouse by Logitech. I met the Logitech M185 back in December 2010 while shopping for an ultra-portable mouse for my wife’s Toshiba NB500. One of the merchants suggested that I settle for a wireless mouse which I didn’t like. I had used wireless mice and keyboards before, and I was frustrated with my experience. The batteries won’t last long, interference with other wireless devices, and a host of other issues. The merchant however vouched for this pointing device. I bought it reluctantly and gave it to my wife. She fell in love with it, and I fell in love with it. I have been buying this model and recommended it to my friends ever since that day. Today I am recommending it to you. Here’s why?

Note: This blog post merely reflects my opinion of the Logitech M185. I am not affiliated with Logitech or any of its resellers worldwide.

Comfortable Shape & Compact Design

The simple, contoured form that follows my hand’s natural curve keeps me productive for longer. The mouse, lightweight and wireless, fits comfortably in a bag with my MacBook Air, so I can take it anywhere I want. For both left- and right-handed users, the M185 is designed to be equally convenient. Ahem! But you said I can trash my mouse because the trackpad on the MacBook Air is so good. I know what I said. I just need my pointing device when I am working with multilingual projects, at least until I master all the trackpad gestures. (By the way, if you are a designer looking for a wireless mouse for the iPad, iMac, or the iMac Pro, I recommend Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac. It’s so good it beats even the Magic Mouse 2)

Easy Navigation and Precise Control

For simplified Navigation, the Logitech M185 offers a controlled line-by-line scrolling experience. The optical sensor helps me monitor with smooth and precise cursor control on almost any surface, with no more irritating missed clicks. Its movement feels better with a mouse pad. However, I can use it on any flat surface even without a pad and zero friction. This is an advantage because I don’t carry a mouse pad with me all the time.

1 AA Battery: 12 Months of Power Supply

The Logitech M185 is powered by a single AA Battery. Although the battery life may vary depending on use and computing conditions, with my Toshiba Satellite L755 and Dell Vostro 15 3568 it lasted at least 12 months. It may last longer this time because I don’t use it with my MacBook Air unless it’s necessary. In addition to the auto-sleep power-saving mode, it also has an on/off toggle switch at the bottom that helps to preserve battery power. Now that’s a bonus.

The Logitech M185 is just Plug and Play

If you are using Windows or macOS you might say “Plug ‘n Play” is a standard now. Nothing is surprising about it. Linux users, however, may know some peripherals that plug and play on Windows and macOS sometimes become “Plug and Pray” when connected to devices running certain variants of Linux.

The Logitech M185 however worked on every Linux variation out of the box that I tested it on. Just like it would on Windows, macOS, and even Chrome OS. The receiver also provides a robust and secure link within a range of up to 10 meters (33 feet).

Wrap Up

I almost forgot. This device is available in Grey, Red, and Blue, (Ladies?) However, like any other product with a reputation for quality the Logitech M185 also has counterfeits. Therefore, if you are ordering online see to it that you order from a reliable merchant, such as Amazon. If you are in Colombo, consider Red Line Technologies. They deliver during the Pandemic.

One of the ways you can identify an authentic Logitech M185 is to look for the Logitech Hologram sticker on the packaging. While the fake often comes in a cardboard box the authentic product is always shipped in sealed plastic packaging. Also, the original will cost you between LKR 2,500 – 3,000 (approx. 12 – 14 USDs) Still not convinced? Click here to visit the product page on the Logitech Official website.

If you found this content helpful, I kindly ask you to leave your feedback in the comments section below. Sharing it on social media would also be greatly appreciated. In order to promote meaningful and respectful dialogue, I request that you use your full name when commenting. Please note that any comments containing profanity, name-calling, or a disrespectful tone will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding and participation.

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